In an interview with Fresh Air‘s Dave Davies on NPR, Javier Bardem explains that as soon as he read the script for Biutiful, he connected with his character — because he enjoys playing people who are full of contradictions.

“You have to create a normal person under strange circumstances, and that’s always challenging because you don’t have a stereotype to create,” Bardem explains. “You have to really go to the bottom of the heart of this man and try to live with him for five months, which is what the whole shoot lasted.”

Read more, and access the audio interview, here.

  • Sheila

    (Standing ovation) Giant work, entirely!

    I was gladly born under the XX chromosomes, three decades ago, with AB+ as blood type and 0- for character type. I believe the only, or mostly, those carrying such character type were, or are about to be, touched in a very approximately way as I was, by that movie.

    Biutiful has nothing to do with perfection, it’s all about precision, in its whole context.

    It’s not the best movie I’ve seen till today though never any touched me the way that “biuty” does. “She related the story of her life with the movie.” Fortunately not. It doesn’t mean that all the ways I’ve crossed, so far, were ever covered with rose petals. But I didn’t happen to live not even a tenth part of any the related stories. It’s was for the human lives, all possible stories. Despite of everything, all the roughness, sourness, sadness and unfairness yet they were still not the worst ones.

    Now hoping it will take a very long time to that day. If it’s really like they use to say it will be, about the final judgment and God ask me what was the most beautiful thing you witnessed in this life my answer will be: Love and the purely beautiful side of human beings.

    Yet, I truly mean it… again: Yet, I’ve no child. When it happens may she or he and the following ones come in good shape and strong health. And I also pray to be able to transmit so they can assimilate the best of love and beauty existent.

    I’ve seen plenty of wonderful things, splendid countries, amazing places and outstanding cultures in this life but any of them may be compared to the beautiful essence of an human being… there are extraordinary people in this world, those that you can only find among the simplicity.

    I went to see it two days after it was released in Lisbon. Since then, for almost a month I didn’t skip no day without making, at least, a single thought or reflection of it.
    At the half of February I went to see it again. I use to do it, with the top ones, because we tend to capture different perspectives and details of the film from those in the first time. This time it didn’t happen, the very same emotions, feelings, questions, doubts and curiosities enlightened again.

    Bardem? Ningún otro Uxbal, tal cual. Y todos los otros, también, tus compañeros escogidos. Son todos geniales.. fenomenal!

    Iñárittu? Extensivas felicitaciones por la autenticidad de la simplicidad. Cuanta pericia con todo y todos. Que Dios te lo Proteja, siempre.

  • Fred Campoy

    Quand est-ce que va sortir le DVD en français!! Le film est sorti pour Cannes 2010!! Please, les amis, une réponse!!

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